Medical Certificates

Medical Clearance Forms for School Entry, University Entry & Summer Camps


At MedConsult, Dr Donna can supply health clearance forms and/or vaccination history forms that are often required for entry to schools and universities.


International Schools such as Bangkok Patana School (BPS) and International School of Bangkok (ISB) require pre-school entry health clearance forms which Dr Donna can assess and complete. 



MedConsult Clinic now offers medical certificate!

It only takes around 5-10 minutes to issue and you will be kindly asked to complete a health screening questionnaire during this time. Please bring along your passport or identification card with you for the medical certificate.

Medical Certificates are needed for the following purposes in Thailand:

- to obtain a driving licence or to renew a driving licence

- to obtain a work permit or to renew a work permit

- to join certain gyms, classes, children's camps, etc.

Fit-to-Work Letters

Dr Donna can assess and subsequently, issue or certify 'Fit to Work' letters should you be preparing to work in another country shortly. 

Fit-to-Fly Letters


Dr Donna can assess and subsequently issue or certify 'Fit to Fly' letter or 'Fit to Travel' letter. If you are unable to travel for medical reasons, Dr Donna can certify on the Fit to Travel Letter that you are not able to travel until a given date due to your medical diagnosis. This is highly recommended because of the COVID-19 situation.



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