Health Check Up Services

MedConsult offers a wide range of health checkups and annual check-up programmes.


What Health Check-Ups Should I Have Done?

We understand that knowing which health check-ups/ health screenings are recommended for you can be a confusing and almost intimidating matter. 


If you are unsure, Dr Donna can recommend which checkup tests are recommended and design a personalised health check-up plan for you. 

If you already know exactly which health check-up tests you would like, you can proceed directly to see the Nurse (if you would prefer) and the results will be sent directly to you.

Results are almost always sent directly to you by email within 4 to 24 hours after the consultation.

Dr Donna offers similar services to that of the NHS Well Woman Programme (Cervical Pap Smears, Breast Checks, Hormone/ Menopausal services, Family Planning, etc.)  and the NHS Well Man Programmes (Prostate Cancer Screening, etc.) 

Please do enquire for more information.

Prices are exclusive of 200 baht clinic fee.

We offer annual health check-up packages which include pap smears for women and PSA testing for men, as well as other optional tests such as cholesterol check, glucose check, liver function test, etc. Dr Donna follows British guidelines in terms of what health check-ups should be done and how often they should be done. 


When did you last have you Pap Smear done?

Dr Donna recommends that Pap Smears are done once a year in general. 

Annual Health Check-Up Packages



*The pap smear test is recommended for women at the age of 21- 29 years old and to be repeated every 2-3 years or women who are sexually active within 3 years. Pap Smear + HPV test results are available within 5-7 days. For women at the age of 30 years and above it is highly recommended to have a regular Pap Smear test every 5 years with HPV screening. Women who had HPV vaccine must still go for a Pap smear test.

Don’t put it off. Call today.

A Pap smear can detect abnormal cervical changes before they can become cancerous. It is a highly effective tool for cervical cancer screening and prevention.

A regular Pap smear is advised for women every two years and is a straightforward test involving the collection of cells from the cervix to be examined under a microscope.

If you have never had a test or are due for your next test,
Dr Donna Robinson, (Bangkok’s only British female, western trained, licensed doctor) can give you sensible advice as well as making sure that your Pap smear is a straightforward and  stress free as possible.

Today, liquid-based pap testing, such as the ThinPrep Pap Test, is much more accurate than the original "pap smear". Still, even as total cervical cancer deaths have been reducing, you should not be reluctant to undergo your next test. 

MedConsult Clinic offers Pap Smear with HPV testing for 2,950THB.

Call us at 02-018-7855 or email us at to book your appointment 

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